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Motor vehicle report

Ensuring that a prospective applicant’s Motor Vehicle Record is free and clear of any noteworthy blemishes is crucial in the hiring process. If an employee is being hired to drive a company vehicle—or even their own car—it is imperative this his/her driving history is clean.

Edufacts/USBS, Inc. provides a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) containing all the information in an applicant’s driving record (derived from DMV records). We review the Motor Vehicle Report and verify whether the driver’s license is currently valid. Additionally, we provide information including the expiration and issue dates; personal identifying data; violation points; suspensions; revocations; and a thorough explanation of all relevant content regarding each offense.

Edufacts/USBS, Inc. has a direct link to every DMV in the U.S. as well as many additional countries. Please be aware that the information made available to us may vary by state. We provide immediate and time-critical reports virtually within minutes of receiving the data.