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Ban the Box Movement

For those not familiar with the matter, Ban the Box movement (or “fair-chance” hiring) is the initiative which should change the way how the screenings of ex-criminals are performed.

During employment, checking the prior criminal record box on an initial application keeps ex-offenders from employment and educational opportunities, because usually their applications are not even considered. This should be changed with Ban the Box.

President Barack Obama also supports Ban the Box for federal agencies, prohibiting them from asking applicants about their criminal records until later in the hiring process.

According to Star Telegram, so far, nineteen states and more than 100 cities across the U.S. have taken very basic steps toward fairness for people convicted of crimes.

There are a lot of opinions about this change. For example, Judge Mathis explains it from own experience.

Rehabilitating offenders and getting them to re-enter society is a top priority. Certainly getting a job is a big part of that. It will be interesting to watch further events, and see the trend of this initiative.