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Credit Checks

A credit report / credit check may be requested for the sole purpose of pre-employment screening, and how it relates to the job for which the applicant is being considered. If the position the candidate is being considered for includes any monetary responsibilities, you may wish to look carefully at if the candidate’s credit report to see if it demonstrates that they can manage their finances responsibly. If they cannot manage their own finances responsibly, they most likely will not be able to manage your company’s either.

Please note the terms and conditions for credit reports located on the USBS, Inc. Service Agreement which can be found on this web site. Personal information such as account numbers may not be included in the credit report to protect your business and the privacy of your applicant. Our reports are from TransUnion and do not include a “credit score” because the reports are for employment purposes, not extending credit. The information that will be provided on the credit report will be enough to determine if the report is favorable or unfavorable.