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Criminal Records

USBS can provide individual searches, or package based criminal services based on your requirements.


County Criminal Checks for Felonies and Misdemeanors are conducted at the county or seat level. USBS, Inc. searches within a seven (7) year scope which is common by industry standards and mandated by the FCRA. If the criminal background check finds a “hit” (criminal records) on your applicant, USBS, Inc. will provide all relevant and available criminal history, including the file date, disposition and date, if the crime was a felony (f) or misdemeanor (m), judgment, and all verifying information. Case copies may be ordered upon request and may include additional charges.


In addition we offer a Multi-State Criminal Search with “hit validation” to help supplement the County Criminal Search. This service may include Sex Offender Registry information as well as OFAC information and provides a much wider net of coverage to uncover records that may otherwise go undetected. All “hits” that are uncovered will be validated at the county level and checked for accuracy before being reported to comply with FCRA standards.


We also offer Federal Criminal Searches at the national or district level, OFAC, Prohibited Parties Searches, FACIS and more. Please call us to discuss your requirements with our highly trained staff.